Well done Year 8 OLP Campers!

Congratulations to Year 8 students who attended the second stage of a three-year Outdoor Learning Program last week.

Students were challenged to live within small groups, supporting each throughout a hike and canoe journey along the picturesque Murray River. The challenge level varied for students – for some it was the physically demanding hike or canoe; for some students it was a chance to shine through their leadership and support of others; while for others the challenge may have been simply getting on the bus on the first day to leave the comforts of home and family. Whatever the challenge, students rose the occasion. With the ever-increasing demands on young people to respond to a range of stimuli, particularly electronic, the Murray River experience also allowed students to switch off, reflect and evaluate some of their own life skills and values.

As parents would know, when we met students as they arrived back at Whitefriars on the Friday, we were greeted with very tired boys. After a weekend of rest and some time to reflect on their experience, students have consistently said that while the camp had its challenging moments, overall, it was a very positive experience. Feedback from staff on the ground was also very positive and they should be extremely proud of their efforts over the past month.

I hope students look back on their time on camp with fond memories of shared experiences and now, with the knowledge that when life throws them challenges, not only will they overcome them … they will excel at it! Well done gentlemen!

Mr Trent Collins
Director – Middle Years

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