Well done to Year 9s for successful OLP Camp

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Congratulations to all Year 9 students who attended the Outdoor Learning Program camp last week.

To the students who attended camp – we are extremely proud of your accomplishments over the week.  I am sure you faced big and small challenges along the way but you should be extremely proud of the way you were able to work together to reach the final destination of your OLP journey.

Since returning you have shared many stories of resilience, leadership and teamwork. I have also heard about many of the fun and exciting activities you experienced.

When confronted with challenges in the future, you should look back to the camp and remind yourself – you can achieve great things no matter how physical or mentally tough things might be.

Remember you succeeded;

  • when you arrived at school and got on the bus… even with the nerves about going on camp were high.
  • when you helped another student out when they were struggling.
  • when you were on camp and you were able to pack your tent and gear away… without the help of Mum or Dad.
  • when you got to the top of a hill while carrying a pack after saying you couldn’t make it up.
  • when you were able to cook for each other and feed yourselves… when you may never have done so before and were worried you might go hungry.
  • when you worked together with people you weren’t familiar with and whom you now have a shared experience together, one that that no one can ever take away from you and your group.

These are just some examples of the many achievements you would experience on camp. I am sure you could give more examples, many of which I am sure your peers, teachers and parents would love to hear.  Be sure to share your tales of success and challenge.

The teachers working with you also spoke of how great a cohort you were while on camp – very impressive!

For those students who were unable to attend the camp, I encourage you to talk to the students who went on camp about their experiences. I am sure you will have the opportunity to be challenged in the future in many other aspects of your Whitefriars journey.

Well done and good luck for the rest of the term, as you now turn your attention back to your academic studies.

Written by Trent Collins, Director – Middle Years

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