We’re ‘All Shook Up’

Congratulations to the cast, orchestra and crew and all of the wonderful staff involved in producing this year’s musical, All Shook Up. Its been many months of work for a large number of people and rewarding for us all. We are proud of everyone’s efforts to get this show on and it has been an amazing experience for everyone involved in the production.


Congratulations on the opening night of a truly wonderful production!

Your enthusiasm and commitment were clearly evident throughout and you had your audience ‘eating out of your hands’. The music was superb, the technical support first rate and the appreciation, enjoyment, and laughter were all apparent. Most importantly though, it was patently obvious that you overcame any pre-performance nerves very quickly and just had fun!

There was nothing but glowing endorsements of the entire performance. A wonderful effort and I wish you all the very best for your next performance tonight and then through to Saturday!

Mr Greg Stewart



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