Vote for Fiona – EducationHQ Unsung Hero Awards

Please join us in congratulating Fiona Matthews who has been shortlisted as a nominee for EducationHQ’s Unsung Heroes Award 2018 for Technology. This is wonderful recognition for Fiona’s work at the College and the VCAA in implementing SEQTA, Digital Technologies and the Coding Club.

Fiona has been an unsung hero in the school in regards to the use of technology.

Working in collaboration with staff, she has led the effective implementation of a whole school learning management system (SEQTA), designed and implemented the digital technologies curriculum, and has supported staff with pedagogical practice in the use of technology in the classroom.

Fiona led the SEQTA implementation committee and with it the professional learning of teaching and non teaching staff in the use of the learning management system to improve student learning and wellbeing, staff work flow, and communication across the school. The school is now considered to be an exemplary school in the use of the LMS.

Fiona has been instrumental in the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum Digital Technologies curriculum. The curriculum design has focussed on outcomes and the skills. Fiona has collaborated with the VCAA, has presented at conferences, and has written articles in education forums regarding the implementation of digital technologies. The curriculum is exciting for our students, with the subjects of digital technologies, innovative technologies and robotics the fastest growing subjects in the school.

Fiona has led the induction of staff regarding technology as well as professional learning sessions to build the pedagogical practice of staff. She utilises numerous applications with staff and students for collaboration and communication. Fiona’s successful implementation of a coaching model has further allowed the use of technology to be integrated into the classroom environments.

Fiona also facilitates the Coding Club at the school and student interest is very high.


Voting closes at 17:00 AEST on December 10, 2018.

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2. Next, simply enter your email address


3. Then choose FIONA MATTHEWS from the list

4. Then press the SUBMIT button

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