VCAL Environment Grant

The Sustainability and Environment Team proudly supported Claudio Caterino, Declan Valentine and Luke Nitas’ approved community approved grant. Claudio explains, “As part of VCAL, we had to create a group project that was community-based. Our group was successful in securing a grant to focus on the local Mullum Mullum Creek. On Monday 29 July, our group and fellow VCAL students went down to the Mullum Mullum Creek to clean up the creek and also planted new plants in the surrounding areas. We found lots of rubbish, bottles, wrappers, bags and a huge massive tractor tyre that was located in the middle of the creek. It was really great to see everyone helping out on the day to give the creek a better look and making the area more environmentally sustainable.”

Congratulations gentlemen for your planning and community sustainable actions.


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