Unit 2 Chemistry Incursion

La Trobe University Instrumental analysis of water-soluble compounds

On Thursday 8 and Tuesday 13 October, Year 11 Chemistry students participated in an interactive workshop facilitated by La Trobe University Outreach. This workshop was focused on the Instrumental analysis of water-soluble compounds that students will learn about in more details in the coming weeks. Phebe Sabbarapu from La Trobe University interacted with our students via zoom, where they were able to watch in-laboratory videos of the use of UV-Vis, AAS and HPLC to analyse water for salts and organic compounds. Students were immersed in analysing detergents in water, calcium in the water to determine whether it was hard or soft water, analysing environmental pollution of Phenols in water.  Phebe highlighted the use of these technologies in the context of environmental pollution and research at La Trobe University. Thank you to Phebe and staff at La Trobe University Outreach for taking the time to impart their knowledge and practical skills with our students.

Daniela Carboon

Learning Leader – Science and Technology