Transition at Whitefriars

Many people see transition as a challenging time that comes with understandable stress and concern from both parents and students. However, schools are experts in guiding and supporting young people and their families through this significant stage and Whitefriars College is no exception.

At Whitefriars, our transition process begins with a family interview designed to learn as much as possible about the student. This is followed by a morning of testing to identity students’ strengths and challenges so that individual support and extension can be triggered. We have many students coming to the College as the only boy from their Primary School, therefore we run a ‘solo morning’ where students can begin to build connections with other students in the same position. Orientation Day at the end of the year is a real highlight with the students finding out their House, Pastoral Care teacher and meeting a number of senior students ready to assist them on their journey at Whitefriars. The first day at school for Year 7s is only with the Year 12 students, giving them an opportunity to connect with the ‘big boys’ and learn their way around. The Orientation camp to Mount Eliza’s Camp Manyung is another highlight and this is often where life-long friendships begin. Transition is also as much for families as students. Therefore, each House will invite Year 7 families to attend a Mass and dinner during the first 4 weeks of the term to mark the transition for families into the Whitefriars community.

Transition to secondary school is an exciting time with a plethora of opportunities ready to be seized upon. At Whitefriars, our focus is on creating gentle men who strive for personal excellence. I wish all the families embarking on their Whitefriars journey in 2020 a wonderful transition experience as they will begin to write another chapter in the Whitefriars history book.

Mr Mick Lafferty, Deputy Principal – Students

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