Tom’s work placement with Victoria Police

Last week Thomas Stute (Year 10) undertook his work experience placement at the Forest Hill Police Station. The Year 10 Work Experience program normally runs during the final week of Term 2, however some specialised placements only offer certain weeks during the year for Year 10 students to undertake work experience.

Thomas applied for this position, as the College is only able to nominate one student for the placement. Thomas’ application was very impressive and articulated in clear detail his interest in the police force and his plans to become a police officer in the future.

By all accounts Thomas thoroughly enjoyed his week at Forest Hill and was able to experience a wide range of duties that the police perform in our community on a regular basis. He spoke very highly of the officers that were supervising his placement and appreciated the advice and insights they were able to provide. Clearly, the station was also impressed with Thomas indicating that they were “very happy with your positive attitude , your enthusiasm, your commitment and hard work and that you are a real credit to Whitefriars’ College.†Thomas’ pastoral care teacher Mrs Marina Ensor was able to visit Thomas during his placement where he provided her with a guided tour of the station. Congratulations on your initiative Thomas and our thanks for being such a great ambassador for your school.