The Whitefriars Experience in the Visual Arts

On Friday 25 March, staff in the Visual Arts team had the privilege of engaging with three local Primary schools who took part in the Whitefriars Experience Day. Working with an environment and sustainability theme we presented the young students with a collection of local gum leaves and an array of drawing pencils, pens, fine liners and textas to design Indigenous themed art work on their leaves. Students then used these patterned leaves to create their own arrangement on a brown paper bag. Helpers then heat-glued them into position ready for students to take with them. The students amazed us with their creativity, designing, enthusiasm and attitude to this task. A huge round of applause to the young students, their teachers, our Art Captain Sam Fonhof, Ms Baker, Ms Warrick and Ms Beggs for their support, teaching and guidance on the day for this fantastic immersive experience program.


Mrs Roslyn Leach

Learning Leader – Visual Arts