The semester that was…

What a semester it has been – full of challenges and ups and downs but also jam packed full of fantastic learning experiences, community events and opportunities to develop skills and ignite passions. Here is just a snapshot.

Middle Years and Senior Years Opening Mass, Year 7 House Welcome Evenings, Child Safety Team introduction, International Women’s Day, Kairos Retreats, Year 12 Formation Program, Year 7-11 Exams, Year 8 Illuminate Challenge, House Feast Days, Intermediate VCAL Work Experience, VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies Coastal Camp, Year 7 Orientation Camp, Maths Week, Year 9 Outdoor Learning Camp, , House Athletics Carnival, House Swimming Carnival, ACC Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN, Sustainability and Environment Team Activities and Whitefriars-Sienna Production rehearsals. These holistic education experiences are a crucial ingredient into the creation of well-rounded, self-directed, gentle men.

Let us hear from our College Captain and Middle Years Captain with their thoughts on the year so far:


Charlie Schroder, College Captain

Despite a few challenges provided by Victoria’s COVID lockdowns, the Whitefriars community spirit has prevailed in the face of adversity!

This first semester has been a whirlwind. It has been filled with sporting events such as the House Athletics and Swimming carnivals, celebrations of International Women’s Day, ANZAC day and National Sorry Day and various academic accolades from the Year 7s who undertook their first high school tests to the Year 12s who are diligently overcoming their final assessments. For the boys, some of the most triumphant moments of the have been the re-opening of the canteen, the end of NAPLAN earlier this term and the conclusion of Year 10 and 11 exams last week. In the College SRC, we have largely focused on the organisation of social events, like the Year 12 formal and Year 9 and 10 socials, embedding the ‘Resilience Project’ within the fabric of College life and now. We have also advocated on behalf of the student body on issues such as the wearing of the P.E uniform, respectful relationships education, getting blood donation going at the school, enhancing the Academic Study Centre and access to toasted sandwich machines and microwaves. We are moving to focus on SRC week in Term 3. Overall, despite the obvious challenges that this semester has provided, primarily through COVID’s interruption of ‘face to face learning’, all of the boys have worked hard to commit themselves to their studies, staying true to Whitefriars’ tenets of Contemplation, Community and Service.

I can’t wait to see what the second half of the year will bring!


Maximillion Ceppi, Middle Years Captain

What a cracking way to end the semester. Term Two started off fantastically and has ended off just as good. We started the term strong with an event held by the Middle Years Captains that involved all of the Year 7s getting their hands on some chocolate Easter eggs for an Easter celebration, they played a ‘rob the nest’ style of game in their houses to win themselves some chocolatey goodness. Following that the Year 9s left for a five-day camp where they cooked their own food, slept in tents, and learnt how to walk with everything they needed to survive on their back. It was a fantastic way for them to get outside with their mates by their side and learn some new skills. After the Year 9s arrived home, they, and the whole College were met with the unpleasant surprise of going back into home leaning, something that everyone thought we had finally gotten away from. One thing this home learning did teach us is how quickly our school can adapt to upcoming and sudden changes; something that is more often recurring in our world now. After a few weeks the lockdown was lifted and the Year 9s started their first ever examination experience at Whitefriars. For some it was scary, for others it was exciting. So, congratulations to all the Year 9s for completing their first exams and keep up the good work. I hope that everyone has a lovely holiday, and everyone stays happy and healthy.


The Resilience Project

As we continue the work with our boys on The Resilience Project, the following clip from Martin Heppell (our Resilience Project partner) contains some salient advice for parents and carers regarding the importance of sleep with our wellbeing. This will be more important as we enter the holiday period.


Wishing all members of the Whitefriars community and restful and safe term break and we look forward to seeing the boys back for Term 3 refreshed and energised.

Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students