The Early Leaders Program

The Swinburne University Early Leaders Program is designed for Year 11 students to assist them to build the confidence, skill and network to successfully transition to university. This program allows students to explore their interests, hone their strengths, get clarity of their passions and of course boost their CV.

The skills gained through this program include academic writing, creativity, job readiness and community development. There are several activities offered on campus, but you can also complete the entire program online.

Last year, three high achieving Year 10 students, Jacob O’Brien, Zac Walsh and Andrew Kelly, were offered the chance to participate in the program. They attended several webinars where Swinburne academics provided lessons on academic writing. They also met with current Swinburne students studying in an area of interest to them.


Boost your ATAR

To recognise student’s achievements in this program there is an ATAR adjustment for many Swinburne courses.

How the program works:

You will complete two certificates as part of the program. This includes the

  • Core Certificate. This component of the program develops research/academic skills and prepares you for further study
  • Elective Certificates. You can choose from:
  • Creativity
  • Community Engagement
  • Career Development

Applications for Year 11 students are now open for the Early Leaders Program for 2021. We encourage Year 11 students looking to enhance their study experience to apply. Further details are available from the Careers office.