The Dons – Archimede Fusillo visits Whitefriars

Year 8 English students have been reading The Dons by Mr Archimede Fusillo. Mr Fusillo is a much respected author, with The Dons being one of the bestselling books in Australia. On October 5, we were lucky enough to have him visit and speak to us about his novel. The speech he gave us was a very inspiring story of love and respect for the people we admire most. He told us his story, about respecting his father and not keeping him invisible in his life; he then gave us a great insight into the book explaining the significance of Nonno’s aftershave bottles and of Zia Rita making Nonno invisible in her life. His story was inspirational as it made every single one of us think about our own family stories. I left with a great message, do not make somebody you love invisible in your life. We thank Mr Fusillo for visiting Whitefriars.

Angelo Amato – Year 8

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