Thank you and farewell

I would like to take this opportunity to formally farewell the College community. After 21 years at the College, I will begin work in e-waste recycling industry staring Term 2. My time as the Sustainability and Environment Facilitator has been an incredible privilege and experience. I am proud and grateful that the College has seen the importance to embed sustainability in learning and daily operations, encourage the community to be informed on sustainability, utilised the College outdoor spaces to connect with nature, awarded a grant to develop the outdoor learning space and create a culture that lives out the Carmelite ethos and Pope Francis’ urgent call to care for the environment.  Since 2001, the College has improved waste management, awarded Finalist for the Resource Smart Schools Award Operations, planted thousands of trees, offered opportunities to the students to celebrate National Tree Day, Recycle Week, Clean Up Schools day and Earth Day, enter enviro photography competition, make smoothies using pedal power, learnt about the local water health and ecosystems, created enviro clubs and the Friars Hivers Beekeeping Club, raced solar cars at the Manningham Council Lead to Sustainability conference, grew veggies in the College gardens and for Melbourne Zoo and Refuge centre and invited the community to composting workshops and twilight walks in the search for the Powerful Owl. Thank you to the many supporters of the group, especially Mr Firmin, Mrs Ciavarella, Mr Rennie, Mrs Molloy, Mrs Volleyberg, Mrs Alexander, Mrs Scott, Mrs Rotar, Mrs Dingley, Mr Height, Mrs Stuart, Ms Beggs, Ms Corbin, Mr Murphy, Mrs Murphy, Mr Cullinan and Mr Todd and the students over the years who participated and encouraged their peers. I am encouraged that Whitefriars College takes sustainability seriously and the next Sustainability and Environment Facilitator will take it to the next level and maintain the culture that our community genuinely cares about the environment.

Ms Jo Menzies

Sustainability and Environment Facilitator