Taking a stance in preventing violence against women

#WFCLearning Whitefriars College students are taking a stance in preventing violence against women. 
White Ribbon Day takes place nationally on the 25th of November. Each year people are encouraged to wear a white ribbon as a symbol of their commitment and oath, swearing never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.
Our 2018 College leaders and SRC have put out a call to all at Whitefriars, to take an oath to never accept violence against women.
A lunchtime event for students has been planned in support of White Ribbon Day on Monday 27 November. Student leaders want to encourage conversation and raise awareness of the unacceptability of domestic violence against women and are asking students to speak out for the women they love.
Boys will be able to purchase White Ribbons, sign their name on a banner to symbolise their oath and paint a finger nail white to spread awareness of the cause, making a  personal commitment to “stand up, speak out and act” against violence against women.
See our Facebook page (@WhitefriarsCollege) to view the video our students have made to encourage support of this cause.
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