Support our students: JLJ Podcast

JLJ Podcast was established on 16 May 2020 by three Year 12 students. The name, ‘JLJ’, comes from a combination our first-names, and our channel can be found on YouTube at “JLJ Podcastâ€. During our hour-long, family-friendly podcast, we have a conversation about sport related topics such as the AFL, Premier League and A-League. We also love to involve all of our friends as guests. We regularly respond to questions, feedback and other talking points raised in the media and surrounding platforms.

Why did we start the podcast?

During the lockdown, due to Covid-19, we began to have heated debates and discussions about various sports within our friendship group. It was at this moment we decided to start our podcast, to simply discuss our love of sport. We thought “why not create a podcast to showcase some of the passionate debates?â€. We decided to turn our idea into reality when we recorded our first online podcast to be uploaded to our YouTube channel, “JLJ Podcastâ€.

The future of the JLJ Podcast

Our first ever celebrity guest was AFL player, Dan Butler. On 25 June, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the current St Kilda player and 2017 Richmond Premiership player. We discussed his journey to the AFL, the AFL itself and we prepared questions for him to gain an insight to daily life as an AFL player.

This experience was very exciting for us. We are very grateful to Dan for coming onto our podcast. We are also currently in discussion with other professional athletes from various sports to hopefully broaden our knowledge of the sports industry, and give our listeners an insight in to the life of other professional athletes. We hope to expand our brand into a podcast that the mainstream media pays attention to and is recognised by the AFL.

By Jackson Emery, Josh Vankuyk and Lachie Mathewson