Subject Selection

There is a great amount of conversation happening across the College as students and parents are discerning what pathways and subjects they are to study in 2020.

Recent Student Parent Teacher Conferences allowed parents to ascertain information about their son’s learning. Teacher feedback about the student’s learning was positive, provided advice for future improvement, and guidance shared as to what subjects or pathway could be taken in their subject.

Year 9 and 10 students have had assemblies to learn about the many options that are available in Senior Years courses and universities. Our Careers Adviser, Mrs Gasparini and Pathways Coordinator, Mr Dean Notting have had a constant enquiry about options and their expertise has been much appreciated by students. A strength of the College is our Pastoral Care Teachers who are spending time with each boy in their class having conversations to guide and prepare for them for the upcoming Course Advice Day. The Course Advice Day will allow an opportunity for parents to be further be part of the subject selection process before selections are confirmed.

Year 11 students embark on Course Advice Week with many students asking questions as they contemplate change selections.

It is VTAC time for Year 12s – a time when they are submitting course choices for further study at university or tafe. With less than 30 days of school remaining for Unit 3 and 4 courses, our boys are feeling tired, nostalgic, nervous and excited. The academic study centre after school has high attendance as boys are using this opportunity to study individually or collaboratively.


Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching

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