Students leading the classroom

The student leaders at Whitefriars are focussed on genuinely leading of their peers and making a difference in the process. The senior Student Leaders put this into practice recently when they developed a Wellbeing lesson focussing on the many issues associated with International Women’s Day – gender equity, bridging the pay gap, gender stereotypes and the treatment of women in society. The lesson was entirely led by senior students who led their Pastoral Care groups through a lesson to help them think about these issues and challenge behaviour that was unacceptable in terms of the treatment of women. This is an example of true student agency where students get to choose what they learn and how they learn. Thanks to Mrs Hoinville-Catania who supported the students through the planning of this lesson and to the College Captains for their courage and dedication to a very important issue.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students