Students launch anti-bullying pledge at All School Assembly

On the 15 March, Australia celebrated the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. As a College, we joined over 4,000 school in marking this significant day. However, as a Student Leadership body, we decided we wanted to do more than just ‘mark’ a day. We wanted to somehow make a tangible statement against bullying and violence and we wanted this to come from us, the students. Throughout the week leading up to day, we asked you, the students, to come up with statements which would form a Pledge Against Bullying that we could all stand by and enforce.

This is what YOU came up with:

  • We will respect others and treat others the way we want to be treated
  • We will strive to encourage, be inclusive and act as a team
  • We will be accepting of other people’s differences
  • We will be conscious of our actions and their effects on others
  • We will stand up for each other and look out for one another
  • We will stop bullying where it starts
  • We will always lift others up, rather than pushing them down
  • We will promote a sense of community and comradery amongst our peers

As you can see, this is in our language, coming from us, the students, and we need to make sure these words are lived out every day. Words like accept, encourage, respect, stand up, lift up, community and comradery must form the basis of all our interactions with each other. Everyone has the right to feel safe, everyone has the right to be respected.

We look forward to finalising these pledges and having them hang throughout the school as a daily reminder that:

We need to stand together.

Bullying does not belong at Whitefriars College.

By Jonathan Bingley and Matthew Tapley (Wellbeing Captain and Vice Captain)

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