Student Wellbeing Programs

Whitefriars College acknowledges the right of every student to an education that is directed to the development of the whole person. We are concerned with the intellectual, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and physical development of all students.

The aims of the Student Wellbeing Programs are:

  • to affirm the dignity of students
  • to enhance their self-esteem
  • to engender in students a respect for other people and their cultures and to celebrate diversity
  • to engender in students a respect for the environment
  • to promote in students a sense of Christian values
  • to assist students in their decision making across a range of behaviours which affect their personal health and wellbeing
  • to help students develop positive behaviours, such as self-discipline, good judgment, responsibility for their actions and interaction with others
  • to help students develop positive commitments to their family, school, peers and community
  • to help students resist negative pressures.

Through the program students learn:

  • knowledge useful to everyday life
  • understanding and valuing of self and others, and skills needed for engaging in relationships, making decisions and taking action in everyday life.

These programs include but are not limited to:

  • Community Service Program
  • Driver Education Programs
  • International Peer Mentoring Program
  • Leadership/Peer Support Program
  • Learning Enhancement Program
  • Outdoor Learning Program
  • Personal Development Program
  • Resilience and Bullying Programs
  • Work Experience Program.

Students have the opportunity to be involved in many Student Wellbeing Programs at Whitefriars.

“As a boy transitions from Primary to Secondary school it is critical that he is welcomed and understands that he belongs to a community that believes in his intrinsic worth as a person. This important sense of belonging is at the heart of educating boys and allows them, when provided with opportunities, encouragement and assistance, to stretch themselves and become all that their talents and potential allows them to be. This has been our experience at Whitefriars and we are seeing our son starting to become more confident as he is challenged and supported by the staff.”

Mr John Visentin – Current Parent (Year 7)
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