Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906), a French Carmelite nun, joined the order in 1901 and died only a few years later. Intelligent, charming, and gifted, she had a privileged upbringing and a bright future in society, but felt drawn to Carmelite life. There is growing interest in her writings, which are brief but theologically profound and marked by her distinctive way of looking at life and faith. For her the central, glorious fact of life was the presence of the Holy Trinity in us. To search for God, she said, “I only have to enter my innermost self, and I will find God at home there”. Her feast is celebrated on 8 November.


God, present everywhere, enable us to realise that you treasure your presence in each of us. When we doubt our own goodness or fret about the people we are, remind us that you care for us very deeply. May you always feel that you are at home with us, may you always be welcome! May Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity remind us of the closeness to God.


Trinity House supports Lifeline as its House Charity. Lifeline is a non-profit organisation that provides free, 24 hour call services for those facing a personal crisis. Lifeline sets out to help those in need of mental health support and who require emotional assistance. This organisation goes above and beyond in pursuit of assistance, and reaches out over the telephone for one-on-one conversation and online support. Lifeline has over 11,000 dedicated volunteers who donate their time and skills to the organisation and to assist others. Around half of these volunteers work as telephone crisis support volunteers.

Lifeline was selected by Trinity as it shows Carmelite qualities through its volunteers. Sometimes the best help we can offer others is when we show that we care and we take the time to listen. The dedication shown by volunteers is both commendable and essential. Lifeline helps young men who suffer from depression and whose wellbeing is at risk. Their thoughts may lead to self-harm and Lifeline offers a phone call to try to help them through difficult times and accept various forms of support available. As Whitefriars has many young men who may suffer from depression currently or in the future, it is important to support a charity that the boys can turn to in their own time of need.

Trinity House works in conjunction with Lifeline in many ways to teach the boys about the value of support networks and service to an organisation. It is important for Trinity boys to realise and understand its value. This is why through donations and participation in several House activities, such as the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Morning and the College Raffle, Trinity students can reflect upon the organisation’s impact and promote its service to the community. However, supporting a charity is not only about raising money. In Trinity we aim to exhibit the values promoted by Lifeline. We aim to create opportunities (such as pastoral and year level lunches and lunchtime competitions such as dodgeball, soccer and tug of war) for all of the boys to come together and enjoy one another’s company and not feel alone or isolated. By taking the time to stop and listen to another person, and by offering them a friendly and reassuring smile, we can do much to care for the wellbeing of all of the members of our House.

Click here to learn more about Lifeline.

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