St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) was a dynamic and somewhat larger-than-life Spanish nun, a great mystic, an energetic reformer of the Order, a woman who overcame many of the barriers of the patriarchal society of her time, a wise spiritual guide, and the author of works considered among the greatest classics about the spiritual journey.

In 1970 she was made one of the first two women Doctors of the Church. Her message is basically an invitation to enter into the infinite love of God, who is always our faithful friend. Her feast is celebrated 15 October.


Help us Lord God, at all times to act toward others as we would wish them to behave toward us. Help us to make allowances for the strengths and weaknesses of others. We commit ourselves to being just and fair, to being sympathetic and kind. We will not deprive others of their dignity or promise. May Saint Teresa of Avila inspire us to live the values we espouse.

St Vincent De Paul

Since 2010 the students and staff of Avila House have been supporting the St Vincent De Paul Society of Victoria.  The Society works tirelessly to assist those in need and to raise awareness locally, as well as nationally, of social injustices. As a lay Catholic organisation we feel that the Society’s values correlate, directly with the core values which we aspire to in Avila House, those of being just and fair, sympathetic and kind.

Each year our House Student Leaders nominate a particular ‘appeal’ to which we direct our raised funds. We also request that our annual donation is put towards assisting those in need in our local community.

Click here to learn more about the work of the St Vincent De Paul Society.

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