Houses At Whitefriars

Over the centuries, the Carmelite order have produced many Saints. Among the more famous are the Spanish mystics Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross in the 16th century, the amazingly popular Thérèse of Lisieux in the 19th century, and the concentration camp martyrs Edith Stein and Titus Brandsma in the 20th century.

The House names commemorate some of these Saints, who are also memorialised in the windows of the College Chapel. The first four of these (reflecting the original four Houses – Avila, Brandsma, Corsini, Mantua) were made by a gifted student, John Kelly, in 1986. He added two more (Soreth and Trinity) in 1988 when the College developed its fifth and sixth streams, a seventh (Stein) in 2003 and finally the eighth (Lisieux) in 2008, to match the College’s development to seven streams.

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