College Colours

In order to promote student participation in the life of the College and to recognise excellence in academic and co-curricular activities, an award system, based on Academic Achievement and Participation has been established. Students can achieve both Half and Full Colours in many areas of College life.

Academic Colours

Academic Colours are awarded to recognise excellence and endeavour across a range of subjects in Years 7-12. Students are eligible for colours based on the number of Academic Excellence and Academic Endeavour awards which they receive over a period of time. Students receive a certificate, to be awarded at Presentation Night, as well as having a letter of congratulations written to their parents by the College. The symbol of Academic Colours is the word ‘Academic’ embroided on the pocket of the College Blazer. Students can receive Academic Colours from Year 9 onwards. Different awards apply for Year 12 students.

Achievement Colours

Achievement Colours are awarded to recognise student excellence in the co-curricular areas of Debating, Performing Arts and Sport. A student must be endorsed by the teacher in charge for continued service at a very high level. The symbol of Achievement Colours is the word of the activity embroided on the blazer pocket.

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