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Student Wellbeing

Whitefriars College endeavours to create a rich, diverse and challenging learning environment that recognises and focuses on developing the ‘whole person’ in a gentle way. We pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide to our staff and students encompassing participation, communication, engagement, and prayer which all leads to an increase in self-esteem and builds a sense of belonging to the Whitefriars community.

The College provides a number of Student Wellbeing Programs which supports our boys and staff from before they enter and until after they exit the College. Boys are taught skills and knowledge regarding study skills, leadership, cyber citizenship, resilience, reflection and growth mindset, and how to be a good and gentle man. The College values positive relationships, education and partnerships between the College, the home and the broader community.

“Our most enduring friendships were formed at Whitefriars. The challenges, support and experiences we shared there paved the way for us to become men.”

Mr Mike Jackson – LOTE Learning Leader, Whitefriars College (Class of 1991)
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