Student Planners

The beginning of a new school year offers the opportunity for a fresh start, establishing new habits and setting clear goals. A strategic initiative of the College’s Learning Team this year is the (re)introduction of a student planner. This is an important tool, that when used effectively, will support our students to engage fully in the opportunities afforded to them as part of their Whitefriars College education. In 2022, the Learning Captains engaged in dialogue about the challenges that they face juggling their many commitments and competing priorities. The Learning Captains and Learning Leaders reviewed several different products to ensure that a suitable that the planner would best meet the needs of our students.

College staff are adopting a shared, consistent approach in the classroom to facilitate the development of effective habits early in the year. Classroom teachers will be explicit in signposting and directing students to record specific tasks in their planner. They will display the homework in writing on the board to ensure clarity as to what follow up is required or if there is preparation to be undertaken for future lessons. They will guide students to look ahead and to identify priorities. Pastoral Care teachers will check student planners regularly to ensure that they are being used consistently and positively. It is hoped that this approach will support our students to improve their learning habits and to take greater ownership of their learning.

It is our expectation that Whitefriars College students will:

  • Bring their student planner to all lessons, including pastoral care
  • Have the necessary stationery to make full use of their planner
  • Record details of homework tasks and dates of assessment tasks
  • Take their planner home with them at the end of every day
  • Ensure that the planner is free of graffiti
  • Make their planner available to be checked by their teachers when requested

The front section of the planner also seeks to provide clarity to students about the College’s expectations regarding homework, general behaviour when at school or school events, uniform and the use of electronic devices. We encourage you to review this information with your son.


Mrs Catherine Spurritt

Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching