Student Leadership Development Day

As we continue to grow a culture of student leadership at Whitefriars College, it is important that we invest in training our young men to lead in different facets of life, both within the school environment and in life beyond school.

On Thursday 2 June, led by Student Empowerment Leader, Kelly Hoinville-Catania, the College ran a Student Leadership Development twilight evening. The theme of the evening, chosen by the students, was ‘Turning an Idea into a Successful Event’ and comprised several leadership workshops delivered by members of staff. The students were asked to bring an idea to the event and throughout the afternoon and into the evening, began to shape the idea drawing on the skills, advice and guidance provided in the workshops.

It was fantastic to see over 40 student leaders working collaboratively with the purpose of playing a pivotal role in making Whitefriars College the best it can be. Thank you to Kelly for her organisation of the event and the staff who were in attendance supporting the boys: Catherine Spurritt, Claire Allemand, Sam Riddle and Joshua Vujcich.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students