Student Leadership 2023

At Whitefriars, we value student leadership very highly and we want to create servant leaders who, alongside staff, are co-creators of their school. We need to invest time to help develop our student’s leadership capabilities and we begin with our Senior leaders through a six-session training program followed by a Leadership Retreat.

Sixty Year 11s put them names forward to be part of the Year 11 Leaders Program. This program is for any aspiring student leader, including those who would like to hold a leadership position in 2023. It is designed to help the boys understand the leadership philosophy we adopt at Whitefriars – Servant Leadership. It also helps the boys understand what leadership is about and the type of leader they would like to be. The boys work to develop their connection with each other, a vision for the school next year and how they will contribute to the development of their College.

I had the privilege of attending the Student Leadership Retreat and accompanying the young men as they continued on their leadership development journey, shaping their leadership aspirations for 2023. The students participated in several workshops relating to leadership and applying for leadership roles including:

  • Goal setting and organisation
  • Communication, collaboration and relationships
  • Interview skills
  • Meet the House Leader
  • Current Y12 Captains Twilight forum
  • Being a Leader at Whitefriars
  • Leadership from the Principal

Once again, it has been a pleasure to work with such fine young men who are truly wonderful ambassadors for the College, irrespective of the badge they wear.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students