STEW Pot to Plate Activity

The sun was shining for our first Science Technology and Environment at Whitefriars Club (STEW) activity “Pot to Plateâ€, post home learning for the Year 7s and VCE students. Tom W (7), James D-T (7) and Roger (11) joined a few staff to learn about wicking beds and how compost is a great soil additive for planting. The boys poured the potting mix into the planter boxes and mixed in the College made compost. The compost was from the staff and food tech food scraps and left over sawdust from woodwork classes. It had settled over the six months and was ready to use. The boys noted the worms and what had broken down and what had not. Sticks, avocado seeds and synthetic tea bags had not broken down but all the other green and brown matter had become rich compost called Black Gold. Once the soil was ready, the boys planted coriander seedlings into one of the planter boxes and chives in the other planter box. About 20 litres of water was added to the planter boxes and this wicking bed has a rain level gauge to indicate water level. The plants need morning sun and afternoon shade so a great spot at the external food tech door was decided. These herbs will be easily accessed and used for food tech classes.