STEW Club – Mother’s Day Special

On Wednesday 5 May, students participated in a STEW club activity making beeswax wraps and bath bombs for Mother’s Day. Keeping in mind all the things our mothers do for us, many students decided to come down and craft these presents to give to our mum’s on Mother’s Day. Students applied their love for science to help make a gift to show their thanks for their mother’s. For the bath bombs, we combined a mixture of citric acid, along with scented oils to create either flower, heart or ball-shaped bombs, depending on what we wanted. When making beeswax wraps students cut up pieces of beeswax and laid them out along a decretive piece of cloth. We then melted the beeswax with an iron onto the fabric creating a coating over the top, before leaving it to dry. Congratulations to all the students that successfully made their bath bombs and beeswax wraps.

Josh Tapley

Science and Technology Captain