STEW Club – Magic Chocolate Ball

On Wednesday 4 August students participated in a STEW Club event that explored how science affects the properties of chocolate. Students applied their knowledge to a decadent dessert where they explored the right temperature of chocolate ganache that when poured on top of the chocolate ball it melts to reveal a surprise inside.

During this activity, students learnt about the VCE Food Studies pathway. Food studies take an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of food, with an emphasis on extending food knowledge and skills and building individual pathways to health and wellbeing through the application of practical food skills. In Year 10 students can enrol to complete VCE Unit 1 and 2 Food Studies and provides students with an opportunity to have a taste of VCE studies.

Thank you to Jane Molloy, Maria Ciavarella, and Jo Menzies for organising and facilitating this scrumptious activity.

Daniela Carbon

Learning Leader – Science and Technology