STEW Club Frog Census

Have you been going for walks in your local area and hearing frog calls? Do you want to know what these species are? Frogs are sensitive to their ecosystems and indicate changes to water health and habitats. The Science Technology Environment at Whitefriars (STEW) Club are taking part in the Melbourne Water Frog Census activity during April. The group met via zoom yesterday to discuss the Frog Census App features and safety guidelines. Under the Covid-19 regulations one of the reasons to leave home is exercise. This is a good opportunity to get moving and become citizen scientists with your family. Remember, safety comes first (always go with family member, take care around water, avoid poor weather, wear proper clothing, wash hands afterwards, never handle animals and always take a phone).

Download the Frog Census App

(Download for iOS) or

(Download for Android)

The App has many features including frog calls, features and habitats and frog reports in your local area. It takes under 5 minutes to record frog calls.

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Ms Jo Menzies