STEW Club – Engineering your paper helicopter

On Wednesday 21 April at lunchtime, a range of students participated in the STEW Club activity where they engineered their paper helicopter. Students were briefed to design a helicopter to drop supplies to remote areas of East Timor recently devastated by floods and landslides. A controlled descent and soft landing were essential – too fast might damage the load and too slow might blow off course.  Students worked hard throughout lunchtime to make a prototype paper helicopter. They tested and adapted their prototype taking into account air resistance, gravity, weight, drag, and lift. Ultimately testing their adapted paper helicopters from the Science and Technology building third level landing. Well done to James McGowan for engineering a simple helicopter that hovered the best and Joshua Tapley for engineering a helicopter that survived the descend three stories off the Science and Technology building.

Watch out for our upcoming STEW Club activity on Wednesday 5 May – Bath bombs and Beeswax wraps for Mothers Day.

Mrs Daniela Carboon

Learning leader – Science and Technology