Star Wars, Books, Reading and Lego…Library News

From a galaxy far far away…Star Wars was celebrated in the Shortis Library with a wonderful book selection, a display of student and staff Star Wars Lego creations, and a challenging quiz.

Congratulations to these students who placed in the competitions:

Nathan Freier, Year 11

Jamie Alder, Year 7

Daniel Williamson, Year 7

Matthew Haste, Year 7

Sebastian Van Dijk, Year 8

Keenan Pratt, Year 8

Dominic Bucknell, Year 12

Dirk Vermeulen, Year 8


Book Club, Chill & Read & Read a Million

Taking time to read and relax can be a challenge in our busy lives. Book Club and Chill & Read at lunchtimes in the Reading Room, offer an opportunity for the students to experience a comfortable, calming atmosphere, a snack and time to disconnect and escape into the wonderous worlds inside books.

After 7 weeks, all eight Houses are well and truly on the tally board for the Read a Million Words House Challenge. It’s a tight race, with many students receiving digital badges for their reading, creating book reviews for the library catalogue, and verifying their reading through interesting book chats.

More information is available on the Read a Million Guide


Lego Club

In just 20 minutes the builds created during Lego Club have been amazing. With challenges including, building a kitchen item so we could guess what it is, and making something you would see at the beach, the boys have used their imagination and innovation to think outsize the box, creating and sharing their very own master builds.


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