Staff vs Students – Building relationships through fun and competition

The senior student leaders at Whitefriars have run a number of staff vs student competitions this year, designed to bring staff and students together in the spirit of friendly competition and positive relationship building – and they have achieved just that!

Netball and Basketball were the first two events in Semester One and scores were level at one victory each. The senior College Captains, Harry Evans, Joel Savy and Acelin Adama planned and ran the next round of staff vs student competition with a game of Whitefriars Family Feud. The boys sent a survey to the staff and students with a number of questions relating to life at school. Some examples of these questions were, what is the most popular excuse for a student not completing their homework, what is the most common uniform infringement, who is the best dressed teacher, what is the most common excuse for a teacher not handing back an assessment task and what is the most popular item at the canteen? Over three rounds and a special fast point round, staff and students laughed, cheered and shared their thoughts about aspects of school life that brought a spirit of connection so important to our community at Whitefriars. The staff took out the victory, however, the victory was the comradery between staff and students which has such a positive impact on the College as a whole.

A huge thank you to Harry, Ace and Joel for organising and tunning the event and the staff and students who participated – Ms Allemand, Mr Ciardulli, Mr Freeman, Mr Gargano, Ms Vandervelde, Mr Wight, Mr Read, Ms Wight, Ms Kosseck, Ms Morrison, Mr Nguyen, Mr Garriga, Mr Timms, Mr Lafferty, Adrian Frisina, Ryan Paterson, Sam Coxhead, Jordy Walton, Jacob Barrett, Oliver Larratt, Liam Rooney, Daniel Crain, Johnny Papadopoulos, Aiden Mayorkinos, Matt Raso, Jack Brisbane, Bill Donaldson and Aiden Finlay.

Look out for the next round as the students mount a challenge to topple the staff.

Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students