Silver at Nationals

AndreasLeporeSilveratNationalsAndreas Lepore is an elite level gymnast – he is currently training and competing under the auspices of the Victorian Institute of Sport (having declined the opportunity to move to Canberra to attend the AIS due to wanting to remain with family and to also complete his VCE studies). The demands on Andreas’ time from his gymnastics are enormous – most afternoons, he leaves school, boards a train to Prahran and trains for a few hours, returns home on the train more often than not late, eats his dinner and then hits the books. Andreas uses his time on the train to study and complete work as well. Expectations are that Andreas should also train at the VIS each morning but he comes to school instead. On top of this, there are regular competitions on weekends and he also does some coaching of younger students one night a week.

Years of training and hard work like this have resulted in Andreas being a very self-disciplined young man who organises his time and is self-motivated to make sure he gets all work done in the time available to him. He has, at a cost to his gymnastics, made school his priority this year to complete his Year 12 studies in 12 months (unlike fellow VIS gymnastics students who are doing Year 12 over 2 years or have dropped out of school all together).

Last week, Andreas competed in the Australian Gymnastics National Titles. He had a very successful competition and won 3 medals – all silver.

Ms Nicole Ross – Head of House (Soreth)

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