Serving the Local Community

Since 1969, Doncare has provided support to improve the quality of life of those in the Manningham area. Whitefriars College students, particularly the boys from Corsini House, led by House Leader Tom Sykes, have been supporting this charity for many years. Their work mostly this includes helping out behind the scene, collecting food donations, volunteering at the op shops at times, setting up events and helping with the Christmas events for toy donations for families. Additionally, through the House students have cooked meals as well as organise relief packs for women in need such as those away from home due to domestic violence.

This year, Corsini House were a sponsor for the 2019 Manningham Mayoral Ball, a fundraising event run by the Mayor of Manningham. Manningham Mayor, Paula Piccinini nominated Doncare as the recipient of this year’s Mayoral Ball. The event will support the work of Doncare and celebrate its 50th year of serving the Manningham community. The Mayoral Ball will fundraise to expand Doncare’s existing children’s support services. Resilient Kids – Positive Futures will provide a holistic response to children struggling with anxiety and depression; trauma caused by bullying; social issues; family breakdown or family violence; social exclusion due to disadvantage; self-esteem and self-confidence issues as well as academic pressures.

Also, on the 14 November, Doncare hosted Ben Crowe, 1986 Whitefriars College Captain, who presented his take on successful teams and leaders. Ben is a high performance coach and professional mentor to French Tennis Open Winner Australian, Ash Barty, seven-time world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore, Richmond captain Trent Cotchin, AFL premiership coaches Alastair Clarkson and Damien Hardwick and, more recently, the Australian cricket team. In attendance was Alex Dunmill, 2020 Whitefriars College Captain, whose family also plays a significant role in the work of Doncare in the Manningham community.

Serving others is an important quality we are trying to instill in the boys at Whitefriars College and it is through the work of boys such as Alex and the students from Corsini House that this quality is being both nurtured and practiced.

Mr Mick Lafferty, Deputy Principal – Students

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