Senior English Experiences

English - Liam and Joseph 3 PESA English - IMG_1365 English - Macbethincursion2016 English - pulets and Montagues 2016English - EL2016Senior English studies offer students the chance to analyse, understand, communicate with and build relationships with others and the world around them. Term 2 has seen our Unit 3 English Language students travelling to the Immigration Museum and ACMI to extend their studies of language variation and identity; our Year 10 and 11 English classes working with Complete Works Theatre Company to enhance their understanding of Shakespeare’s tragedies: Romeo and Juliet & Macbeth; College English Captain, Tim Mason and Vice Ministry Captain, Jake Hester, attending the Newman College Forum Dinner to listen to Dr David McInnis, Gerry Higgins Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies at the University of Melbourne, declare: ‘That Shakespeare Still Matters’ and College Debating Captain, Liam McAlary and Joseph Fletcher (Year 12 English) representing the College in the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority’s, Plain English Speaking Award regional finals.

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