Science and Technology Week: Deep Blue

Between 17 – 20 August, the College celebrated Science and Technology Week remotely with a range of exciting activities. The theme for National Science Week this year, was Deep Blue, which involved a focus on science and history of the ocean. Each day, a different quiz with a different theme was sent out to students, competing to win a variety of prizes. We would like to congratulate the daily quiz winners:

  • Dathen Seneviratne – Monday’s Marine Biology quiz
  • Vin Konynenburg – Tuesday’s The Chemistry of the Ocean quiz
  • Dathen Seneviratne – Wednesday’s The Physics of the Ocean quiz
  • Sourav Gray – Thursday’s The Technology used in Ocean discovery quiz

We would also like to recognise everyone who participated in activities throughout the week; ranging from virtual deep-sea dives, watching science films (SCINEMA), an online scavenger hunt and cuttlefish counting competition. Notably, on Tuesday, we hosted a virtual escape room which had students solve an increasingly challenging underwater puzzles in forty-five minutes. The fastest times to complete the all the puzzles came from Zander Downie and James Dorrat Sims. Congratulations.

We hope that all these activities stimulated and engaged the College’s curious minds and we hope that they continue to nurture and grow their curiosities in their studies and other extra-curricular activities!

A massive thank you to Mrs Carboon and Ms Menzies for organising the activities of Science Week, providing the resources for the week and STEW club, and persisting through, despite the unusual circumstances. In addition, we would also like to give a massive thank you to Mr Berryman, who turned up to each activity and hosted both the SCINEMA viewing on Wednesday and created the Quizzizz on Thursday.

If you wish to participate in other science-based activities this year, please contact Mrs Carboon to join STEW Club. Currently, we are learning the science behind the Rubik’s cube with special students showing us the ropes on how to solve a 3×3 Rubik’s cube in under a minute!

Written by Daniel Borg and Ben Clarke (Year 12)

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