Friars win Deakin Science and Engineering Competition

Recently, a select group of students in Year 9 and 10 who show high ability in both Maths and Science were lucky enough to go to Deakin University in Geelong to compete in the annual Science and Engineering Competition. It was an early start, 7am, but it was well worth it. As a group, Whitefriars displayed great efforts of ingenuity and collaboration in all of the challenges. From building a catapult to creating a structure which can withstand simulated earthquakes, the challenges were both fun and testing. In previous years, Whitefriars has been one of the most successful schools in the competition and this year was like no other. As a team, Whitefriars finished 1st, outperforming the 6 other schools on the day. By the end of the competition, we had won 12 out of the 16 challenges, giving us a record score in Whitefriars history – 1490 out of a possible 1600. It was great to see that the boys stayed focussed and motivated all day even with our large winning margin. For making the day possible, we would like to thank Mr Sykes and Mr Height for the huge effort they put in and the helpful pointers they gave us throughout the day. We are hoping that this score will send us through to the state super challenge later in July.

Blake Ritchie, Year 10


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