Robert Newton Author Incursion

As the Year 7s are studying Runner this term, it is timely and extremely fortunate that we were able to meet and host author Robert Newton at Whitefriars this week. From the word go Robert engaged students in his journey from sporty teenager to firefighter, and how he became inspired to be a writer along the way.  Cheeky, warm and humorous he really conveyed the sense of how you can use what’s around you and be a bit of a ‘thief’, but in a clever way. Then do the groundwork by researching places and develop, and even become the characters. Do what they would do, see what it feels like to, for instance, run through the streets of Richmond at different times of the day.

The year 7s had many thoughtful questions, and some students were thrilled to have their copy of Runner signed and even get a selfie with Rob.  A selection of their feedback is below:

“I enjoyed listening to Robert talk about his life and how he came up with and wrote the books”

I liked “his humour, and how he made it very interesting”

He made us see ‘that you can chase your dreams and do other things in the build up to it”

“…you can start writing a story by putting yourself in the character’s mind”

“…you don’t have to focus on writing your whole life to be a good writer”

Want to know more about Robert Newton or his books? Check out the Shortis Library’s Robert Newton LibGuide