Relay for Life 2019

What a weekend. I would like to commend all of those who participated in the Relay for Life event over the weekend. Thank you for bringing all of your dedication and enthusiasm. To be crowned the most spirited school was rightfully deserved.

I had a chat to Sandi and the committee members before heading off yesterday and they were telling me how astonished they were with all the positive feedback they were receiving from other participants in regards to our Whitefriars team. Not only have you all greatly contributed to making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer, but you have done it in such a way that promotes the key values we possess as a college.

Thankyou all for your willingness and commitment. The last four consecutive years of participating in Relay for Life have been truly eye opening for me, in terms of releasing just how profoundly we together as a team can positively impact other people’s lives.

To Year 12s, thankyou for giving up your time of study at such a crucial point in the year.

To all the staff, thankyou for making this event possible.

To the younger year levels, continue this great tradition we have of participating in the Relay for Life and do so with pride each year.

Finally, I just wanted to mention some legends who should be recognised for their efforts in fundraising:

  • Ben Duffy – $128
  • Josh Hulett – $165
  • Marcus Mohr – $177
  • Jake Passeri – $180
  • Vincent Konynenburg – $184
  • Ethan Stone – $184
  • Nicholas Beltrami – $227
  • Joshua Schraven – $238
  • Alex Macrokanis- $252
  • Tyler Kerwin – $270
  • Gabriel King – $272
  • Ms Hoinville – $287
  • Kane Wallace – $290
  • Harry Apostolopoulos – $301
  • Alex Vander – $389
  • Thomas Griffin – $401
  • Max Tyler – $500
  • Ryan Dickenson – $532
  • James Barclay – $844
  • Tom Fazackerley – $1,465


Hugh Parrot, Year 12

Overall Sports Captain




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