Reflections on returning back to Italian class

In our first week back after the Home Learning Program, the boys were happy to be back in the classroom. Lesson activities included getting to re-acquainted with ‘ Speed dialogues’ and learning Maths in Italian.


Below are some reflections from the students:

In today’s lesson we started off with learning numbers. We did math games in teams.

We learnt how to do Maths equations in Italian. We had continuous conversations in Italian, where we changed partners every minute after greeting each other.

Tanush S


I learnt how to do Maths and Maths equations in Italian and it was really fun. We also played Italian Maths games that I enjoyed very much.

Mitchell P


Today in Italian we learnt how to say Maths equations in Italian, we played Math games in teams. We played a game of continuous conversation and we had to ask someone their name, how they were and where they live. I enjoyed this lesson and all the games were very good and interactive.

James C


We look forward to finishing the school year all together. Ciao!


Ms Paula Barca

Learning Leader – LOTE