Reading – important to becoming a global citizen

Literacy knowledge and skills are critical to becoming global citizens. More than ever, individuals communicate using reading and writing. Rapid growth of social media, text messaging, and the use by institutions to communicate with stakeholders online is evidence that the reading and writing is important.

Individuals are required to comprehend what is written in an increasing range of ways; to teach themselves how to use the internet to communicate, to manage their resources and to purchase, to seek advice (for example, to know more about an illness or why an item isn’t working effectively), to respond to email messages, to learn how to follow instructions or procedures (from preparing food at home to following safety plans in the work place), or to plan travel.

Literacy competence is required in all areas of everyday life. Without it, individuals can be increasingly disempowered or disengaged from society or from achieving their potential. Individuals who cannot comprehend by reading what others are intending to say may possibly be disadvantaged and/or disempowered. Their life options are severely restricted.

Reading knowledge and skills are also required for effective classroom learning. They provide a vehicle for learning in all learning areas included in our school curriculum. As students’ progress through school, it is expected that students’ literacy knowledge increases.  Students at the end of secondary education are assumed to have a higher literacy competence than when these students were in the early primary years.

At Whitefriars we incorporate literacy skill development into our learning area classes. Testing allows our staff to offer further targeted interventions including explicit teaching instruction, literacy support classes, learning hub and after school study interventions with specialist teaching staff.

The College library staff are targeting reading through the Read a Million Words House Challenge, Wider Reading program, Book Club, and Book Week (19-23 August 2019) – students can sign up for writing workshops with a visiting author. The theme for this year, ‘Reading is My Secret Power’, offers an exciting opportunity for our boys to develop their reading skills and interest. As we know parent partnership is important for your son’s learning – join staff and other parents at the WFC Community Book Club where books based on a theme are discussed once a term.



Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching

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