Read a Million Words

Read a Million Words House Challenge is now in full swing, with the houses battling it out for the most words read. The top spot is highly contested and over the term it has changed many times. Currently Mantua has fought back and regained the lead, with Soreth taking second place and keeping the pressure on! Even the staff get in on the competition with Brandsma staff managing again to hold onto the lead, however Avila is still very close on their tail.

Our new weekly challenges offer a fun addition to help build on the tallies, we are excited to have new logos, see pet reading photos and untangle titles, which add bonus words but also include a chance to win prizes! Our Read a Million challenge encourages the Whitefriars community to enjoy their reading, with a bit of healthy competition, in whatever genre or format is preferred so that the value of this satisfying pastime continues to be part of our everyday life. Students are reminded to check out all the info about Registering, Participation, Completing Reading Logs and Verifying your Books, ….visit the Read a Million Guide.

Shortis Library Team