RE Enrichment – Philosophy

This year saw the consolidation of Philosophy and RE Enrichment Program for highly-abled students. Selected students in Year 7 had the opportunity to work with Mrs Tracey Phelan and explored a variety of areas of Philosophy including ideas about the reality of the unseen and debates about the “Big Questions” such as; the existence of God and the purpose of human existence, and what is right and wrong.  Vibrant discussions have been held throughout each of the sessions exploring questions such as what is wisdom and how can you prove you have a sense of humour?

The program also explored and analysed moral issues and discussed the importance of intention, foreseeability and consequences in forming moral judgements of various actions. Students raised insightful questions including: “How do we know what we know? Who created languages? When does AI become human? and Are some things wrong everywhere and always?” There was a high level of student engagement throughout these sessions and their general responses were articulate and impressive.

I hope the students found the Philosophy program a worthwhile and stimulating experience and they continue to grow in their critical questioning and thinking.

Mr Ashley Payne, Academic Enrichment and Data Coordinator

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