Welcome to 2018

Prayer for the New School Year

We turn to our eternal God, to give us wisdom and grace, and to hear our prayers.

We pray that our leadership in exercising the gifts you have given us be a faithful reflection of Your presence at work in our lives, deepening our desire to imitate Your example.

That the marginalised, the lonely and the abandoned, be welcomed, appreciated and helped to express new signs of hope.

We pray for the many professional people in our society who lead the teaching of the young, and allow the compassion of Christ to reflect in all that they do.

We pray that in civil society and in the Church, the law will always be a servant of good government, working for the common good, and not be used to exploit or harm people.

May the 10th anniversary (on 13 February) of the Apology from the Australian Government to the Stolen Generations of our Indigenous Australians, continue to nourish stronger ties and respect among all in our nation.

We pray for those who, alone and silently, carry heavy burdens of the heart – that the balm of Christ’s peace may bring them calm.

That the great gift of the Eucharist teaches everyone to give thanks for all they are and have, and recognise the signs of God’s mercy and providence.

That Christian people rediscover their own calling to be there for others and to collaborate in announcing the Gospel to the whole world.

We have the confidence to ask this through Jesus, the Christ, who challenges us to work for justice and peace. Amen

Our Lady of Mt Carmel…Pray for Us.

Holy Prophet Elijah…Pray for Us.



Dear Parents/Guardians, Families, Students, Staff and Friends of the College

Welcome to the 2018 school year. We extend a very special welcome to the students and their families joining the College: 180 Year 7 students and 17 new students at other levels; and new staff members, including Mr Mick Lafferty, Deputy Principal – Students.

With great anticipation, may 2018 be a year of new beginnings for all of us, providing ongoing opportunities for peaceful interactions through compassion, action and faith; academic excellence; and success in endeavours and positive relationships. Almae In Fide Parentis.

I am absolutely delighted to begin my role at Whitefriars as Principal. The welcome and support have been extraordinary. The beginning of the school year has been so well organised by various teams, for which I am truly grateful. May all at Whitefriars commit to warmly embracing the calling and responsibility of education in a Catholic school, our Carmelite College, to be inclusive of all and to accept the differences and the challenges we face. May we all commit to our own learning and the learning of others, with an open heart and mind, amazed by new possibilities.

We look forward to gathering the College for our Opening Year Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral. All families are welcome to join us on Tuesday 13 February at 10am. A commissioning ceremony of new staff members and for myself (as the new Principal) is included as part of the proceedings.
At the conclusion of the Mass, there will be formal investiture of our student leaders and a recognition of our well performed 2017 VCE students.
As in the past, the College is delighted at the performance of our boys.

At Whitefriars, we recognise the important role that technology plays in the lives of young people, in their ongoing learning and the consolidation of skills for their future. For young people and adults, mobile phones, laptop computers, iPads etc are their ‘windows’ to the internet social networking sites such as Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. The majority of people use these sites responsibly.

As the College works in partnership with parents, we expect that all parents have had conversations with their children about the use of ICT and that parents have established suitable acceptable ways for your family for monitoring access to, and use of, these sites.

The College continues to work with students and families in assisting them to develop a better understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable in the areas of positive relationships and appropriate use of the internet.

Information regarding cyber-safety: The website for further material is:

One of the aims and benefits of wellbeing programs and parent communication with children is prevention. What is not taught by families, schools and community agencies might not be learnt. Collectively, we aim to help each member of the College community realise his or her own self-worth and potential in an atmosphere where all are accepted and valued.

We ask that you please keep the family of Dylan Vendel Year 8 Lisieux, in your thoughts and prayers on the sudden passing of his Grandmother.
We also pray for the family of Luke Harford Year 10 Stein whose maternal grandmother Marie Keenan passed away recently.

May they find strength and comfort at this difficult time with their memories, family and friends, and their faith. Rest in peace.

Best wishes for 2018. I look forward to meeting and being in conversation with parents at the various events scheduled in the weeks ahead.

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