We celebrate the success of our students

Many of our community are aware of the connection that the College has with Timor-Leste. The Carmelite presence in that country has been long and proud, leading many young men to take up a vocation in the priesthood. Whitefriars College is fully committed to supporting the works of the Carmelites through providing resources, both human and fiscal, to the many worthy projects and courses being undertaken.

There are physical reminders of this connection around us at the College. Outside the Chapel is a photo wall of our boys and their recent immersion experiences. There brightly painted shipping container that houses many donated items and sits at Merinda; it is Timor bound shortly. The Timor-Leste flag also flies each day opposite the Reflective Garden. We all have the opportunity to further assist when, on Mt Carmel Day, we fund raise through the walkathon. Any assistance with sponsorship is always most appreciated.

There was recently a gathering of those students who in Years 7-10 had a very successful academic semester one at the College. These boys mix ability with effort and we congratulate them on their achievements. Past student Julian Lipinski gave a talk on motivation and keeping all things in balance. Julian is on an academic and basketball scholarship at a college in New York.High Achievers morning tea with Julian Lipinski. cropped jpg

Well done to parents of our Year 9 boys who turned up in such large numbers at the recent Year 9 subject selection information night; the theatre was overflowing. I spoke briefly at the start of the session and said that the greatest gift you can give your son is time. Being present to take part in the decision making process is an important way of supporting your son in his choices for next year. The course advice day for Years 9 and 10 took place on Wednesday and was also very well attended. Thank you for your participation.

Recent Old Boys Christian Petracca and Sam Weideman played together in the Melbourne senior team last weekend. It was wonderful to see both of these young men reach the pinnacle of AFL, play on the same side and seeing reward for considerable effort over the past few years. They are both very fine examples of well mannered, respectful and committed people. Although I would prefer to see them in red, black and white we were all very proud of both Christian and Sam.

Well done to Alex Vander (Year 9) who won the regional final of the Legacy Public Speaking competition. Alex is one of many boys who are taking up opportunities to hone their public speaking.

Fr Noel Kierce painting by Di Leeder cropped

I was delighted to receive a portrait of Fr Noel Kierce. It is an exceptional piece which was lovingly painted by  Ms Di Leeder, mother of Tom Battista in Year 12. You will no doubt agree that it is an amazingly life-like and tender image. We will find a very suitable place to have Fr Noel on display.

Our Year 7 2017 group have undergone their testing. The College continues to experience healthy enrolment interest and is working hard to ensure that the transition of these boys is happy and productive. We look forward to the group joining us.

I received this message from the Harvey family today and would like to share it with our College community and ask that you keep the family in your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

“Dear families,

Will’s long slow road to recovery continues at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Center. His days are filled with a variety of specialty programs and therapy sessions. We appreciate and take strength from the many kind thoughts, prayers and support offered by the Whitefriars community.

Kind regards,

Tony, Kathryn, Jonathan and Will”

We remember in our prayers the mother of Whitefriars staff member, Jane Hancock. Jane’s mother passed away a few days ago. May the Lord welcome her gently into eternal life.

Almae In Fide Parentis


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