The Mission and Values of our College

The Mission and Values of our College form the cornerstone for all we aspire to at Whitefriars. These Statements were extensively reviewed two years ago and are very publically available within all rooms of the school and within much written material, including that of our website.
These Statements are only valuable if they form a connection to reality for the members of our community. You would be well aware that the College continues the process of seeking Council of International School (CIS) accreditation. We have fulfilled 3 of the 4 parts of this rigorous process to date. The first three are the initial registration, the preliminary visit and the survey of the community. The survey results have just come back. Thank you to the 707 families who completed these comprehensive surveys; this is a phenomenal response rate. A separate and more detailed note will be available to parents on these results, but essentially there was very strong support for:
the Mission and Values of the College and the way they are put into practice
curricular and co-curricular programs at the College
governance and leadership
The above parent ratings were all at the 90% plus support rating. It also showed we have some further development needed in areas such as our reporting system, greater student voice and some facility development. More information is to come.
Aligned with the above is the need to ensure we remain fully committed to our Catholic and Carmelite heritage. To this end, the staff of the College are undertaking voluntary sessions around Carmelite spirituality which run for a number of times throughout the year. The latest of these was recently conducted by Fr David Hofman, O.Carm. The healthy attendance numbers at such seminars provides us with confidence that there is a strong desire to fully promote the spiritual life of the College in a way which makes good sense to the boys.
Class of 1991 25 Year reunion (16)
Our Class of 1991 were in fine form at their reunion last week. We had a good percentage of the original 124 students return to reminisce. Thank you to Phil Thomson (Old Collegians President), our Development Team and Mr Mike Jackson for making the evening so successful.
Our Year 10 boys have recently completed their work experience and our Year 9 boys have finished their week-long Outdoor Learning Program. These off campus activities were entered into with great gusto by the boys. We are always proud to hear back from the relevant providers in regards to our student’s participation and good natures.

The family of Will Harvey (Year 12) are pleased to report that Will has settled into the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Kew. He has now commenced an intensive program and continues to make progress on the slow road to recovery. Thank you all for your on-going support and concern.

Congratulations to our Year 9 families who took up the offer of attending the Study Skills session at the College. We were overwhelmed with interest with a full theatre on the first night and another night now planned for this coming Monday. We believe that nearly three quarters of the year level will have availed themselves of this opportunity; it is encouraging to see boys and families learning together. Thank you to Ms Marina Ensor for her excellent work.
The College now has an APP available for download for families. An explanatory letter will be sent home shortly.

Almae In Fide Parentis

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