Countdown for Timor-Leste

_R6A7221-EditThe group who are to experience this year’s Timor-Leste immersion are now well under way with their preparations. We wish those students and staff well as they countdown towards their September departure. This immersion is unique and life changing for those who attend. You will note that the Timor container at Whitefriars is currently being filled to eventually make the journey to our Carmelite brothers in Dili. Your donations have been much appreciated. Two of our staff members have just returned to school after having taught young Carmelites, who are in training, in the areas of Theology and Philosophy over the past two weeks.

Our current Year 9, 10 and 11 students are in the process of choosing subjects for their 2017 courses. We are very pleased with the diversity of offerings within a number of year levels for next year. This is the result of a comprehensive and evidence based look at what makes up an engaging and relevant curriculum for boys and young men, especially one that enables all boys to be challenged and successful. Whilst the new Victorian Curriculum requires stipulated features, such as the introduction of digital literacies, we have also been able create exciting choices for boys, especially in the middle years. Our expansive offerings within Years 10-12 remain.

Our talented staff are to be congratulated for their work with the students during Visual Arts week. There was a plethora of activities that took place each day particularly during lunchtimes. Engaging boys in the visual is important as it broadens their view on how information and ideas are communicated and expressed through many forms of presentation.

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Well done to our Year 11 students who have volunteered to participate in the student leadership program. We have a large cohort who have chosen to learn more about leadership through the seminar series running each week after school which will be followed by a two-day leadership retreat. Besides the intrinsically valuable aspects of this experience the College uses the process to enable students to choose the incoming Year 12 leadership group.

The House of Stein were successful at the recent Whitefriars Swimming Championships. The level of participation and enthusiasm is obvious on a day like this when we recognise both the elite and pedestrian swimmers alike. It was good to note that many parents were present to cheer on the boys.

The advertising phase for the permit for our new building has been completed. Manningham Council will now consider the submission. We would be hopeful that building will be able to commence early in the new year. The final shape, placement and internal works of the building has now been determined. This Science/Technology building, which will also feature a theatre and function space, will be an outstanding addition to our campus along with the revised public pedestrian spaces and safer car access.

The staff took the opportunity on Monday to continue our reviewing of our practices and resources as part of the Council of International School (CIS) accreditation process. All staff members are involved as we examine every aspect of our school. The aim is to ensure we seek a close match to our Mission and Values in all we do and that we make a good school even better. All families received a copy of the full set of parent responses to the CIS surveys last term.

It was wonderful to see the turnout of mothers and sons for the recent night Mass in the Chapel. The close to full Chapel is a good indication of the support we have for these events and for the wish to recognise and celebrate motherhood. Registrations for the Father’s Day breakfast are now open.

We ask that you keep Matthew and Daniel Watkinson (Year 12) and their family in your thoughts and prayers after the recent loss of their beloved grandmother. May the Lord welcome her into His keeping.

Almae In Fide Parentis


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