Mt Carmel Feast Day

Our feast day has been segmented into two parts due to the weather conditions that occurred today. The Mass was celebrated in the two gymnasiums with a live feed between both. It is important to recognise such events by gathering in prayer and liturgy. Our College is faith based and is committed, and indeed impelled, to offer such experiences to our community. The boys entered into the spirit of the Mass well as they do with other opportunities for quiet reflection. It is also important to note that the staff gathered to recognise and give thanks for the work of the Carmelites who continue to influence our Mission with zeal and practical support.

The second part of our feast day will now take place on the afternoon of 5 October. We look forward to the walkathon and the various activities on that day.

Whitefriars has a sister school relationship with a school from Imperia, Italy. The Ruffini school has been here for the past two weeks with their students billeted by our corresponding Year 11 group’s families. Our visitors have been a lovely addition to the student body as they have respectfully entered into the life of the College with a sense of fun and interest. We will return to Ruffini next year to be hosted by our Italian friends.img_0731crop

In a similar vein we have two groups of staff and students about to depart for overseas immersions. We wish safe travel and every best wish to our Timor-Leste group and to our China tour cohort as they undertake their various experiences.

Our Year 8 students recently returned from their Outdoor Learning Camp on the Murray. The reports we have received have been most positive. Congratulations to these young men. For many it is the first time they have experienced more challenging conditions which require a little grit and persistence. Our staff were glowing in their recognition of the boy’s response to all that was asked of them.

The final stages of the selection process for our College Captains is now taking place. Our community will be informed shortly of the result of that process.

The junior and senior rock concerts took place last week. We have moved to two nights in order to cater for the interest from students. Music offers another avenue for young men to express themselves and to work in a team of like-minded people, a skill that is needed in any environment the boys find themselves in as they grow older. It was particularly noticeable across those nights that the older students play a strong mentoring role with their young counterparts. Like-wise our music staff have become strong advocates for those who are choosing a serious music pathway into the future. Both nights were most enjoyable.

The final parent/student/teacher conferences occurred last week. The family attendance rate was again very high and the revised format that extends the evening session for Middle Years families seemed to be appreciated by parents.

The Senior VCAL Presentation evening was a great night of celebration of the efforts of this group. Parents and staff were proud to hear of the journey of these young men who have made deliberate choices around their pathways with most moving into the workforce next year through apprenticeships. I was particularly taken by the gratitude the boys had for the staff and their time at the College.

We also think of our Year 12 VCE students at this time of the year as they undertake their final assessments and prepare for the October exam period. We look forward to the upcoming Valedictory mass and dinner for all Year 12 families on 13 October.

A reminder that all Year 7-11 students and families gather at Hamer Hall on 7 November for the College Presentation Night. More details will be given at the beginning of term four regarding ticketing and other areas.

Almae In Fide Parentis


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